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Jamaican Dinners Chicken and Fish, Beef and Stews (Organic Popular Cuisines)

Written by Mike

Jamaica , a little island in the Caribbean Sea. Where on earth, nature is basing in its environment. It’s in a place, where you will feel at peace and connected with all life.


There are meals for everyone. Here, in Jamaica, the dishes are a diverse multi-cultural mixture. The cooking diversities make Jamaica’s cuisines original; however, the same dish often cooks differently in another country. There are some cuisines that are just traditionally ours. They are Ackee and Codfish with roasted breadfruit, Jerk Chicken and pork, festival dumplings, rice and peas, and others.

Hotels provide an abundant with flavor in versatility to any Jamaican cuisines. Lunch time is like dinner time, for there are many little, medium and large-sized restaurants throughout the island that cooks the popular meals people love to eat. Exotic cuisines, such as Ox-tail and Butter Beans, Curried Goat; Brown stewed Cow’s feet, Chicken’s feet Soup and much more.


Everyone has their own style of cooking. However, it is to know! The correct way to prepare and cook healthy foods, germs free; which your body will love you dearly? It’s all because you feed well. Seek these popular Jamaican cuisines, which were made healthy, delicious and flavorful; in an organic way by using herbal, peppers, vegetables and natural spices in the preparation. By my experience, your cooking will smell awesome. And your neighbors will wonder where that great aroma is coming from. They are recipes for Curried Chicken, Fricassee Chicken, the best deep Fried Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Peppered Steak, Hot Coconut Fish, Rice and Peas, Stewed Peas, Escovitch Fish, Exotic Caribbean Foods and other meals.

I will tell you how to prepare Jamaica’s cuisine in healthy organic style. You will see my reasons for not eating artificial developed chicken and meats. There is a way to identify if the product you are about to buy, such on vegetable, bananas and so on were grown with chemicals. Read on and you will see how the wrong knowledge on food will kill you eventually. I will give you the secrets do not stop now. Believe it! There is a way to prepare chicken or meat that will allow your meals to digest effectively. And you will benefit. I will talk on that more, please continue.



You must know about the different cooking oil to use or not use. I believe people do not consider how important it is to know about a simple thing like germs. It kills! Germs will get into the humans body if the utensils, bowls, the area of foods preparation, and your hands are not cleaned efficiently. I will definitely share the secrets of Jerk Sauce. Traditionally, jerk sauce is used to grill, or bake jerk chicken, jerk fish and jerk pork. No one should pay more for nature’s food! I want to tell you the best market place to go for competitive pricing. I will explain to you how to tell the difference between genetic to organic. Produces and animals which are genetically improved are unusually large. They are not as rich in taste like real food.
The pimento tree is grown in Jamaica. It will grow tall as an apple tree. The bark is the ingredients of cinnamon. The leaves are used in cornmeal porridge to enhance flavor. Pimento is little blooms that become a seeds eventually. It’s the size of an orange seed. Cultivators will climb the tree to break the outer branch; like how one would prune a garden plant. The seeds will be green. Therefore, they must be put to dry under the sun until it becomes black and hard. Pimento seeds are used to enhance the flavor in the sorrel wine. The seed is great to season beef in a natural healthy way. The manufacturers of artificial all purpose powdered seasonings (allspice) use small amounts of pimento seeds in their batches; to bring a more natural taste. I do not use them nor will I use anything fake. Grind black pepper seeds into pieces for black pepper; as you would with the pimento seeds to season meat. I am sure they are a lot more benefits to the use of pimento seeds. Now you know the secrets to jerk sauce; it’s in the pimento seeds – combined with other vegetables and natural spices. Continue to read, and you will see how to get my original recipe for Jerk sauce? Which was modified and made organic?


Is a pimento tree growing in your country? Tell us what you know more about pimento trees. Leave a comment and educate others.

Cooking organic is easy. The Secret to cooking nature’s food is no secret. Did you know organic is nature? Meaning anything from the nature which can be eaten is organic. It’s not any produce, poultry or meat, which was genetically modified for mask production. Organic is not any processed product. Healthy candy bar, chips, drinks, does not count. Any artificial or preservative additive to butter, juice, ripe bananas, eggs, oil, white flower and rice, sugar, bottled water and pretty much any food that was created by human beans. If it’s not from the nature’s environment, it’s not organic. I read somewhere that people from Italy, who eat a special type of raw fish, have lived longer; cancer and disease free. I really don’t remember the story. The point is, that is true nature style living, because some might say to cook is not organic. Truth! However humans are accustomed to cooked food. The coconuts and produces that farmers grow in a natural environment; without the use of any chemical, cows that eat real grass, chickens that eat roaches, aunts, bugs, leaves and organic grass; It then lays an egg, and spring or river water are examples of organic. Although chemicals are added to water to protect us human from many diseases, I believe it can create some.

The healthiest way to prepare poultry or meat is to use natural vegetables, ginger, scotch bonnet pepper, herbs and spices; with real coconut oil, or olive oil and sea’s salt to cook. Be sure they are organic. Jamaican dinners provide a variety of Jamaica’s most popular cuisines. Your doctor might ask you too what’s your secret? Why is your blood pressure perfect? Jamaican dinners will make feel strong healthy, vibrant and rich in a long-long time, for your life.


Now, this fact is very important when it comes to what we eat. I am sure as germ (bacteria) kills countless people each year. I wouldn’t like to know something that simple; it killed me. It can get in the body one way by food we eat. I learned in the kitchen must be completely clean. The counters should be properly disinfected with bleach; and be on such the bowls, utensils, and the stove and so on. Have a separate bowl and chopping board for meats, and one for vegetables. Never use the vegetable container for the meat when combining ingredients. And do not use the meat chopping board on the vegetable chopping board. Always prepare the vegetable seasonings and spices like pimento seeds, grated nutmeg, onions, and peppers and so on; before you start handling any poultry, fish or meat.


Handle meats as if you do not want it to touch absolutely nothing else. Take it from the package to the bowl to be seasoned and then the pot to cook. If you do not have to touch it with your hands, you would be wise, it is best to use a utensil. Be sure to use fresh products. Vegetable must be bright in color, firm and ripped, or at least fit to eat. A fish’s meat appearance must be pearl white or a pretty pink. It must be firm too, not soft and light brown. I always use my nose to smell everything. “So no stop smelling of things.” Use the same rule to check on chicken just is sure; it does not look light brown. The skin should be lightly pink. Chicken will smell a little different if it’s not fresh. Do you know how chicken soup smells? Well, that’s how a fresh chicken should smell.

It’s easy to go shopping in supermarkets. However, the prices thereof foods are expansive. The market place can be crowded and congested. Yet the price there is more affordable. While there! Talk to the farmers. Find out if the food you are about to buy is organic? Don’t be intimidated ask questions.


When the world hears the word JERK one of many things should come to mind. While you consider the others, I will tell you about Jerk Sauce. Traditionally, the sauce was originated in Jamaica. Jerk sauce is marinated with chicken, fish, pork or other things, and then slowly baked or grilled for hours. It’s spicy yet not peppered, it touches the soul, and it tastes heavenly. It’s not the real jerk if the ingredients were not grown in Jamaica. There is something special about biting into a Jerk Chicken here in Jamaica. You have not experienced jerk unless you visit the island. Go on the street corner or in a Jerk Center and buy it; as it comes off the grill.

People think about the way to lose weight is to diet. It’s totally the opposite; it’s more your diet. You can eat any organic food, and you will not gain any weight. It’s true although some people might say differently.

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