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Quick Introduction

Your Metaphysical Power, or what I term M-Power, is a powerful force indeed, and it is a force that can be called upon to help you whenever you need it. Metaphysics, as I always emphasize in my writings on Self-Mastery through Metaphysics, embraces the notion that you are a powerful individual with unlimited resources. You are more than a three-dimensional human being slated to lead a banal life, following the norms dictated by society at large, and displaying habitual reactions that have been programmed into you since you were a toddler.

You are a latent powerhouse of energy and intelligence that transcends all the dimensions known to humankind at this moment. Metaphysics tells us that you are above and beyond Earthly troubles and miseries that may plague you at any one moment. You are also greater than all your achievements and aspirations too, but most people tend to focus on their problems: their physical ailments, their emotional and psychological troubles, their negative habits, and the things they “lack” in various areas of their lives. That is why I highlighted troubles and miseries. Although you may feel inadequate or frustrated in some way, know that Self-Mastery through Metaphysics lays out guideposts for you to follow to turn your life around and eradicate self-imposed limitations. Self-Mastery Metaphysics provides tools to help you overcome all adversities in your life and allows you to become a creative, productive, and compassionate individual.

What typifies Metaphysical Self-Mastery? It is the central concept that you are part of a Creative and Intelligent Source. In essence, you are a representation of that Source. Thus being the case, you have an eternal connection to that Source. For convenience, that personal connection will herein be called your Spiritpower. This is indeed the True Self that you are… that you always were… and always will be. Don’t question this or try to rationally analyze it; accept it as fact and watch miracles happen for you in your life.

Another tenet of Self-Mastery through Metaphysics is that you can consciously contact your Spiritpower and enlist its services in bettering your life almost immediately. The wisdom of your Spiritpower uses an energy field or force to transmit your desires so as to manifest them into your current dimensional plane of reality. This energy field we will call Mind. The mind is an energy medium (like electricity or the akashic field) of unlimited capacity. The mind itself doesn’t think-thinking is a function of your intelligence and of your consciousness-although it can reflect. The Mind-force is worthy of respect, however, for it carries out the programs (intentions) you desire, allowing them to manifest in your three-dimensional reality. That is to say, your Mind-force is a force of power that by its very virtue is able to bring your wants and desires into your life. One such virtue or attribute of Mind-force includes healing on all levels. In this tutorial you’ll be drawing upon the power of your Healing Mind-force.

The idea of Spiritpower and Mind-force, and their relationship, is analogous to certain aspects of the Hindu cosmological concepts of Purusha and Prakriti in the Samkhya philosophy. Purusha is akin to the soul (non-material) principle, and prakriti is the nature (material) principle; it is not material as we normally think of material, but rather that principle or energy or force that makes manifestation of substance possible. In short, you first have a plan, an idea, a want, or a desire. Then you need the means or tools to carry it out. This is how your Spiritpower and Mind-force cooperate. They are two parts of a whole, like cause and effect. The whole, however, is YOU. And you demonstrate this truth of this principle every single time you carry out an intention.

Now that we have the basic framework laid out, we can go on to the application.


In this “how-to” ebook we will look at the application of these awesome resources to curing (short circuiting) or preventing a cold. It works best if you use it the moment you become aware of the signs or symptoms that you are in fact coming down with a cold. Don’t let it get any worse; stop it in its tracks right there by using this simple formula. It only takes about five minutes. As with any endeavor, the more you practice it, the better and faster it is going to work for you.

Nobody likes to catch a cold; it’s an uncomfortable, debilitating nuisance that we can certainly do without. When most people catch a cold they usually follow this pattern: they go to the doctor and take the prescribed drugs (an active but counterproductive measure), or they live with it and wait until the cold is gone (a passive and ineffective measure).

There is an alternative however… a proactive and effective measure that you can take. As I have stated above, you are more powerful than you think! We all have a physical side and a mental/emotional side. We also have a higher metaphysical aspect of our being. Once you know how to co-ordinate these aspects of yourself through your creative consciousness then you can switch on your Spiritpower and Healing Mind-force and make things work for you. You now accept this idea, and you are in the right mindset to do the exercise that follows. Please read on and learn the step-by-step procedure given.


(1) Relax in a chair or lie down…be as comfortable as possible.

(2) Take three slow and deep breaths and allow yourself to become more relaxed with each breath. In fact tell yourself that you are becoming more relaxed with every exhalation. Your body actually does pay attention to what you think and say.

(3) Now mentally repeat the following formula three times:

In the wisdom of my Spiritpower and through the limitless power of my Healing Mind-force, I command that all the immune mechanisms of my body be mobilized now and completely destroy all invading germs and viruses that do not contribute to my attaining and maintaining perfect health.

I further command that my respiratory system, sinus passages and all areas of my body be immediately healed of all inflammation. I am now in a state of perfect health.

(4) Now relax and picture yourself in your mind’s eye as you look when you’re in perfect health. Feel the wonderful feeling of being cold-free and being completely healthy.

(5) Now gently let the picture go (dissolve it or send it off into space or some other way) and bring your awareness back to your breathing. Take two or three deep, slow, rhythmic breaths. When you feel ready just open your eyes and go about your day, or go to sleep if you are doing this self-healing in bed at night time.

(Note: if the word “command” doesn’t suit your personality, you may change the word to “require”- not request, but require. If after several trials, the formula doesn’t seem to be working for you, I would strongly advise you to put the word “command” back into the formula. Your inner mind has been programmed for many, many years and it has become too accustomed to being sick; you will need to shake it out of its complacency by using a stronger tone; hence the word “command.”)

REPEAT THIS EXERCISE TWO OR THREE TIMES A DAY. IF YOU DO THIS EXERCISE THE MOMENT YOU REALIZE YOU HAVE A COLD, IT SHOULD BE GONE WITHIN 24 HOURS! Please remember to use common sense; if you feel very ill and symptoms persist or are aggravated (not due to this metaphysical treatment) please visit your healthcare professional as you may be suffering from something other than a common cold.

Congratulations! You may now look forward to your next cold as one which will be very short-lived.

Final Note: You are probably thinking you’d like to know how to apply your Spiritpower and Healing Mind-force to other ailments and problems. I hope to offer more formulas for many other conditions, both physical and emotional. Metaphysical treatments, such as the one you have just learned, are well-known to students of metaphysical science. I can highly recommend a book that was written in the mid-1970s by Metaphysician Dr. Evelyn Monahan called The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing (Parker Publishing). It’s out of print, but if you can secure a copy it is worth owning for it is, in my mind, one of the most authoritative works on the subject.

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